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Solcure Alkaline Water Purifier | Working & Benefits

  • Non-electric alkaline purifier which filters the water and enhances the quality.
  • Makes the water mineralized (alkaline) & gives anti-aging benefits (hydrogen water).
  • It gives user benefits of the copper, magnet, & pyramid energy.
  • Along with this, there are other advantages as well like portability, no professional maintenance, etc.

How To Clean UF Membrane...?

  • Remove the bag containing UF membrane from the water purifier.
  • Turn it upside down.
  • Attach a hose connector to the outlet.
  • Pour water in a reverse manner i.e. From the outlet to inlet.
  • Clean it thoroughly and place it back.
  • Repeat this process once in a week or as per the usage or quality of water.

How To Recharge Alkaline Chamber...?

  • Take a bowl filled with 3/4th of water.
  • Add 1/4th Vinegar solution or squeeze two big lemons.
  • Remove the base chamber, now dip the base chamber.
  • Let the solution pass properly in all the chamber for approx. 15-20 minutes.
  • Take a bowl filled with clean water.
  • And wash the chamber properly for 2 minutes.
  • Remove it & allow it to dry in the sunlight.
  • It's now ready to use again.
  • Repeat it once in a week or as per the usage or quality of water to recharge it properly.