Why used clay pots for storing water?

The earth is rich in various vitamins and minerals. The earthen pots have the same properties the earth consists of, which also consist of healing properties. Our ancestors were aware of these qualities which is why they swore by these clay pots.

In this virtual world, where everyone is behind technology and advancement, there are people who still rely on the traditional methods of water purification. This makes earthen pot sustainable. It has the values and believes attached to its form and function. Moreover, the material decomposes back to nature without polluting the environment. Functionality causes zero percent exploitation of resources indeed! It is a refrigerator which doesn’t require electricity.

Here are some natural benefits which helps your body to stay health:

1. Natural Coolant - In earthen pots, water gets evaporated quickly through the pores. Cooling is caused by evaporation. Some heat energy is utilized during the process of evaporation. Since this energy is taken from the water itself, it leads to a lowering of temperature in the remaining amount of water and making it cooler.

2. Has healing power - The clay used for crafting pots is replete with minerals and electromagnetic energy. When water is stored in the pot, the clay charges it with the healing powers of the earth which helps cure many diseases.

3. Alkaline in nature - Clay pots are alkaline in nature. This alkaline nature of clay acts on the acidity of water and provides the needed pH balance. Water stored in a clay pot helps in reducing acidity in the body and provides relief from gastric trouble.

4. No harmful chemicals - We usually store water in plastic containers, without realizing that there are harmful chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) in plastic that cling onto the water molecules and pose a health hazard. Alternatively, drinking water from a clay pot can help improve metabolism without dangerous chemicals like BPA added to the fray. Drinking water from a clay pot can also help maintain a level of testosterone in your body, as opposed to plastic, which in turn reduces the amount of testosterone in our body. Clay water tastes natural, pleasantly chilled and good for health.

5. Good for throat - People prone to cold, cough and asthma should prefer clay water instead of the water chilled in the fridge because the clay water will help you heal better and faster unlike fridge water which will worsen your throat.