Revitalize water by magnetic energy

Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component of our health, providing the body with the ability to maintain good health and prevent deterioration. However, this can only be achieved if the quality, content, and structure of the water meet the body’s requirements. Water enriched with magnetic properties reacts with the body’s magnetic influence and can enhance the way the body maintains a state of balance which is important for healthy living. Magnetic treatment of water involves passing water through multiple magnetic fields, resulting in enhancing the properties of water.

1. High in Nutrients - The Mineral Absorption Technology (MAT) magnetizes the water which makes it easier for the body cells to absorb the nutrients, thus helping in energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying. Since magnetized water is known to be more penetrating, it improves assimilation of various nutrients and vitamins in the cells of human body. By improving the ability of our drinking water to dissolve compounds, we can increase its oxygen content.

2. Reduces Acidity – Acidity is one of the major issues that people face when they use hard water. Magnetized water has the ability to reduce the acid content in water by adjusting the pH level. This is important because it then helps regulate bowel movement and expels accumulations.

3. Helps prevent Heart Strokes - Magnetized water helps reduce blockages in the arteries and veins of deposits of cholesterol and salts and normalize the circulatory system. It also helps people make a faster recovery from a stroke and alleviating arthritis pain. People can take the help of magnetized water to work on their blood pressure problems.

4. Prevents Kidney Problems - Magnetized water helps in a significant lowering of pH in urine and promoting excretion of acids and toxic mineral salts. This suggests an increased ability of the kidneys to remove toxic wastes from the body and can be important in long term health maintenance and healthier aging. Magnetized water is quite effective in breaking up kidney and gall bladder stones into small enough particles to be passed through urine without any pain or danger to the patient. It also prevents further formation of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder.

5. Good for Skin – Untreated water can make your skin harsh resulting in acne, burns, ulcerated areas, boils and many such skin disorders. Magnetized water helps your skin become softer and makes your skin healthy and beautiful.