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Kalki Ecosphere LLP is concerned with providing innovative solutions to which can help to conserve environment by its various eco-friendly & environment friendly products. Kalki Ecosphere LLP is recognized under Start Up India scheme for its invention & duly granted patent in the field of water purification. Our Company presently deals with manufacturing water purification systems. It founded its base in 2017.We are a team of professionals who always strives to deliver ace quality products to its customers. We maintain a tradition of operating and incorporating uncompromising honesty, integrity and business ethics across the organization. Thinking out of the box is what our team does and thus we believe in making ideas happen. We respect the value for money and considering the same, we have built economically feasible water purification products.

With 3+ millions people dying each year from water-related disease, our current water crisis is one of epic proportions. At any given time, half of the world’s population is suffering from illness brought on by limited access to safe drinking water, poor hygiene and sanitation. The designers,inventors, engineers and visionaries have to do whatever they can to find a solution for these harrowing realities plaguing our society. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of innovation at Kalki Ecosphere LLP.

Our team has done a profound research in the water industry sector and has come up with different water purification products which are user-friendly, durable and sustains assurance of good quality and utmost purity. We aim at a safe and healthy living for our customers and believe in growing through creativity, invention and innovation.
We have competency in understanding customer needs and aligning them with our products, gives us a comprehensive edge in the market place. We perpetuate the highest standards when it comes to quality.

We always work towards changing the future of water purification industry in India by providing ecologically best and economical products.

Why Us?

Kalki Ecosphere LLP is a rapidly growing business with passionate and high performing team who strive to exceed our customer's expectation.
With diligent and ceaseless efforts we aim at launching patented products which can prove a game changer in the water industry sector. We are a team committed to contribute towards the betterment of mankind. We provide the best purifiers which are eco-friendly and effectively filter all the impurities that pollute the water, which inturn reinforces the quality and preserve the nutrients and mineral content in water.
Kalki Ecosphere LLP has a well-defined quality assurance system where all the materials used are tested for a comprehensive quality control and are ecologically sustainable.
We are constantly putting efforts to provide not just pure, but healthy water for better nourishment to our customers.


Water Purifiers Online

Mr. Rohit Shah (Founder)

A person with great knowledge and experience in the field of water industry for more than 20 years is the one who invented Solcure and Solpure water purifiers. He is a successful business man with the ability to innovate and suffice the emerging demands of safe and pure drinking water. His attitude towards work makes him a wise man. His approach and vision for changing the future of water purification industry is quite substantial. He has good understanding and knowledge of the demands in the market, with a strong networking team that offers vital inputs on business development.

Water Purifiers Online

Mrs. Sonal Shah

Mrs. Sonal Shah is an expert in handling events and core operations of the company. Proficient in monitoring daily operations, handling purchases, sales and logistics in co-ordination with the respective team members.
She is passionate about her work and ready to face any challenging, fast-paced, high-stress and deadline-oriented environments individually or as part of a team.

Water Purifiers Online

Mrs. Indu Gudhka

Mrs. Indu Gudhka, facilitates in all the internal affairs of the company. She makes sure that the company values, policies and procedures are adhered to by the employees. She is a person who is wholly dedicated towards her work.